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4/8/2024 (Permalink)

Workers in front of commercial building. Our crew is ready 24/7 to ensure that we are ready to help! Contact us at (651) 212 - 2333!

Call SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake

Commercial properties always have a lot of matters going on at one time. The last thing that they want to be thinking about is water, fire, or mold damage. That is why SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake is always prepared to begin the job in a timely manner.

The crew at SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake understands that a closed business, means no business. Therefore, we will work closely with your commercial needs in regards to fire, water damage, or mold to get your business back in full operation as soon as possible. We have experience in working with small business owners as well as large retail malls and have even partnered with our large loss division through SERVPRO to expedite the restoration process. 

We hope your commercial building never goes through these damages, but if it does know that you have a friend in the restoration business. Contact SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake to assist you through this difficult time.

Our crew is ready 24/7 to ensure that we are ready to help! Contact us at (651) 212 - 2333!

Potential Commercial Building Damages

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

Commercial buildings and says 'Commercial Damages'. If your commercial building is to experience any water, fire, or mold damage contact SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake at (651) 212 - 2333.

Commercial Water Damage  

SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake specializes in water damage whether it be in a residential or commercial building. They specialize in both residential and commercial buildings because water damage can be experienced in both types of buildings. Our crew at SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake will work in a fast and efficient manner to make the process go as smooth as possible. We understand that time is an important fact when it comes to water damage. Whether it be standing water or a flood. 

Understanding the factors that can cause water damage can be helpful in certain instances when dealing with the damage. Here are some causing factors:

1. Frozen Pipes

Temperatures are known to fall in Minnesota for a handful of months. Throughout this time, there are chances for frozen pipes. When the pipes freeze it causes the water inside to expand as it turns into ice, which can cause the pipe to burst. 

2. Corroded Pipes

Most corroded pipes occur due to the high levels of oxygen that they are exposed to. This is a very common occurrence which is why it is known as the second largest leading cause of damaged pipes. These damaged pipes can then lead to water damage. 

3. Sewage Back - Up

There are three common causes of sewage back - up that can occur in one’s commercial building. The three common causes are blockage, clogs, and broken lines. All of these can cause water coming up or being pushed into your building. 

4. Leaking Roof 

Roofs can begin leaking due to a large amount of causes. Some of the causes that the leak can be from are hail damage, clogged gutters, broken/missing shingles, and soffit damage. These are some common causes, but there a number of different causes.

If your commercial building is to experience any water, fire, or mold damage contact SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake at (651) 212 - 2333. 

Contact our crew 24/7 at (651) 212 - 2333!

Commercial Buildings

4/17/2023 (Permalink)

Commercial buildings. SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake is only a phone call away at (651) 212 - 2333!

Call SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake - Commercial Damages/Losses 

You can never predict how water damage is going to strike your business regardless of if it’s from a plumbing leak, a storm, roof damage or any other catastrophic event. It can leak into walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings and other areas of the facility. Not only can the water damage your contents, but also the building itself. The longer it’s left the more damage that can happen. Understanding how important it is to get these repairs done can literally save the property. Disaster can strike at any time, it usually strikes when it’s least expected. Using our emergency helpline, you can ensure that your facility is protected by our highly qualified and trained team. SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake can be at your property within hours.

Understanding Water Damage Characteristics

It doesn’t matter what caused the water damage. We can determine the cause and immediately begin working on your facility and the contents. After we address the root cause of the water damage issue, we will begin to remove and salvage anything that can be salvaged. Then, we begin to make the emergency repairs. We work closely with your insurance company and work to get your company back in business as quickly as possible.

If your property has any water damage, it’s important to give us a call right away. Standing water can quickly spread and ruin your entire building. In no time at all your carpet, upholstery, records and books can all be damaged or destroyed. Furnishings made of wood may swell and parts may even disintegrate. Metal surfaces may be damaged as well. Standing water must be removed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

There are many potential long-term effects of water damage. These include bacteria and molds as well as the unpleasant odor. There are also more allergens. Left alone, more damage may occur as wood warps and splits and dries out. Windows and doors may not close properly. It’s vital to address the issues in the first few days to help reduce the amount of permanent damage and reduce restoration costs.

In many cases, the damage may not be obvious. It might only be noticeable by the smell and mold growth. Small leaks may cause a lot of potential damage if they’re not quickly dealt with.

Dealing With The Water

In dealing with the water, you’ll have to start with the flood damage to the property and contents. Using a high-volume desiccant and dehumidifiers, the dry air is forced into the damp areas and minimizes the risk of more damages. Prior to this process, the source of the water intrusion is identified and controlled. The level of contamination must first be controlled and then repairs begun. In removing the standing water, the mold growth is controlled and stopped. As the water begins to evaporate the humidity level is lowered. It’s vital to completely remove all of the water and humidity. This can prevent further damage to the facility.

Document And Content Recovery

We offer full services and understand how vital it is to recover the contents of your business. All content that is salvageable will be removed and restored in a secure facility. These can be professionally packed and stored with a specific barcode prior to returning it to your fully restored facility. Upon completion, our dedicated staff will ensure that everything is placed back into your facility as it should be. Every care is taken to ensure that all electronic media, hard disks, drives and optical disks are recovered as fully as possible. This can help to keep things running. Years ago, this wasn’t possible. Thanks to modern technology, it’s now very possible.

We understand that each day your company isn’t in business can cost you money. For this reason, the skilled team at SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake begins the task of restoration immediately. We want to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We’re not happy until you’re happy. We also ensure that your facility has no contaminants lingering after the restoration process. We clean air ducts, HVAC systems and ensure that no harmful contaminants or air ducts are lurking about.

SERVPRO of Anoka and Forest Lake is only a phone call away at (651) 212 - 2333!