What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Wonderful experience with this team! We had a previous flood in our home a few years back and dealt with Kiser Construction in Elk River and had a horrible experience with them. SERVPRO provided us with the customer service and support that we needed. Mitchell was phenomenal at keeping us updated and he reached out without us prompting throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone, especially when dealing with a home project that disrupts daily life.


When our sub pump failed and water seeped in all over our basement, I didn't know where to start the cleanup. Luckily, I didn't have to! Our crew came quickly, tackled the problem efficiently with a million fans and dehumidifiers, and took care of the problem with a smile.

So much more efficient than me, my shopvac, and a mountain of towels would have been. Thank you!

We used the St Cloud location for a pipe burst. Extremely responsive to our immediate needs for clean up and restoration. Mitch was our Project Manager who communicated every step of the way and did an amazing job! Professional, smart, quality work. I would use them again FOR SURE!

When our plumber emerge from the crawl space of our home in Forest Lake, he said your hot water main broke, I can fix it, but you to call SERVPRO NOW! It’s a mess down here. In less than an hour Grant Mumm from SERVPRO was crawling under my house to see what’s happening. He said call your insurance company, I’ll get a team out here ASAP. Soon I had three dehumidifiers and 16 vans drying out the underside of our home. When that wasn’t drying it out fast enough, due to foam insulation under maple floors, the SERVPRO team brought in an industrial dehumidifier the size of a camper, fired it up and dried out our crawl space for five more days to insure against mold. It worked. Back to normal today. Remarkable team SERVPRO - Dillion, Grant, I only wish I could remember all their names. Water damage is a serious thing…the possibility of dangerous to your health mold looms. We are relieved. Thank you guys!

Everyone that came out to our home were so respectful! It was a very crazy, emotional time for us having water damage to our basement being we just completely remodeled our basement. The crew came in and reassured us that they were going to take good care of us and be with us every step of the way to getting the our home right back to where it should be. SERVPRO took a horrible situation that happen to us into the mind set that there was going to be light at the end of this obstacle that happen!